Monday, October 25, 2010

Lovin the fall!!!

So this weekend I had the kiddos and let me tell you we had a great weekend together. Friday Kaylan had stayed at one of her friends house so that gave me and Bradley time alone together to spend as mother and son and we had a good time!! We went to wal-mart which he loves!!! He cracks me up because all he want to buy is smell good mens stuff (thats what he calls it) Hes so into wanting to smell like a man and I cant help but laugh because I dont know where all this is coming from, but I give in because lets face it he wants to smell like a man. Oh how I love that boy!!! I also had a good friend come over and stay her name is Brittany, she used to live with me but has since moved and works all the time so she stayed the night which was nice because we got to catch up on all kinds of things that we had been missing out on. Saturday was a fun filled day all day.... So Im dating this guy and have off and on and hes a wonderful man. He loves my kids and treats them like they are his and I love sitting back and watching him and the kids interact with each other its awesome. Me and Par ( real name Charles but I call him Par) have dated for a while and I had moved in with him and well going through a divorce and living with another man deff puts a strain on a new relationship so I moved out and live with just me and the kids and its helped us so much. Well this weekend Pars family had their annual chili supper and lets just say it was a night I wont soon forget. We got their at 4pm and their were so many kids there that my kids went to school with so they of course ran around and played all night and had a blast, lol I think all they really did was play hide and seek the entire time. The chili was cooked in a hugh pot outside with a fire underneath and I do believe that was the biggest pot of chili I have ever seen and man was it good!! Friends and family all together just relaxing and having a good time and thats what its really all about in the end is just being able to get together and enjoy spending time together and thats exactly what we did!! We ended back at home around 12:30 that night so the kids were wore out from all the running they had done!! Sunday was just as awesome we made cupcakes for halloween and they tasted so good. I have some pics to post but I couldnt hardley get Bradley to smile but he enjoyed cracking eggs and Kaylan loved making a mess with her mommy. We also craved a pumpkin well Par and Kaylan did and Kaylan named him man gaga lol I will have to take a pic of that and post it!! I didnt get any pics of Kaylan whick bums me out because she was the one taking all the pics but that is a memory we all will never forget!! I loved my weekend with my babies and I know they loved it too!!!

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