Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My babies dressed for halloween... Bradley wanted to be a gangster lol I dont think he knows what that is but he sured posed like he did and Kaylan was a beautiful fairy!! So we headed down to Louisville to my Aunt Cindys house and trick or treated there and had a blast!! They got more candy then even I know what to do with so Im sure around christmas time we will be throwing it out like always!! It was good seeing the kids with smiles on their faces after all they have been going through with this divorce. Some things kids just shouldnt be subjected to. Kids need to be kids and not worry about everything like mine do. All I want for them to know how very much I love them,they are my life and I would do anything for my babies!!! I love when I get to spend my weekends and days through the week with them!! They are loved more ways then they know and I only hope one day they can understand why mommy chose to do what she had to do!!!

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