Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Job And Lovin it.

I started my new job at Bradford Square on Feb 18,2010. I started out with orientation with a few other girls and then the nexy day I was actually on the floor training as a nurse!! I was scared, nervous, and excited all in one as a new nurse should be. The nurse that was training me that day was awesome, she really knows her stuff and was there to help guide me through the process of everything. Charting I have come to realize is a little harder to catch on then I thought but Im pushing through it everyday and getting better and more comfortable with it each and every day!! I think I thought I would go in there and just know everything I needed to know but come to find out school doesnt really prepare you for the real world like I thought. Yes they teach you how to administer meds and do treatments but charting, admissions and all the paper work is different. I have also worked under another nurse that also has been very helpful and very good at explaining things to me. I feel like Im catching on but so not ready to be on the floor by myself yet. Lol I know its only been 3 full days on the floor and I love being there and I know that I will eventually get the hang of everything and be like all the other nurses, I only hope I can be as good as them someday. again I will return tomorrow ready like a new nurse is and Im excited! I will be on a different hall with new faces to learn and new challenges to face! Im ready and have an open mind that I feel allows me to learn new things and adjust to the new life as a nurse. Everyone there is a team and its nice knowing that I work at a place where eveyone is willing to help and answer questions. I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience as a new nurse and I will contiue to update you as much as I can about my daily life as a nurse, wife, mother, sister and friend to many.

Monday, February 15, 2010

White Chocolate Mocha.... Lovin it.

White Chocolate Mocha thats all I have to say!! YUMMY YUMMY sweet goodness in my tummy!! So today with all this snow and no roads cleared off I decided to venture out with Doug and the kiddos and treat us all to the wonderful taste of the famous starbucks white chocolate mocha!! Yes i bought my kids one too just because it is also their favorite, yeah I know its not good for them but hey we were having a moment together and well there is no age on good taste!! So we bundled up and out we went. We had a really good time and the kids thought they were sooo cool walking around kroger with their starbucks cups. Its expensive I know but so worth it just for that warm creamy taste entering your mouth and warming your belly. On our way home while driving as slow as I could we looked and saw a snow mobile lol thats a first for us in Kentucky seeing one of those and the kids enjoyed it!! As we were coming up the drive way of course we got stuck and here Iam buring rubber on my lexus tires so now I will probably have to invest in new ones but hey thats the price you pay for a good taste of white chocolate mocha!!! It is by far the best out there so grab a cup and sit back and enjoy the wonderful taste!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Theresa Star Sheppard Scott... my mom

It has been almost two years since my mom has passed away, it will be two years on feb 22. Not a day goes by that I dont still think of her everyday. I miss her soo much and long to tell her so many things that have happended since she has been gone. I sometimes find myself asking why her. I dont know the answer and I know I never will. Mom got diagnosed when I was ending my first semester of nursing school but the out come we thought was great, she needed a new bladder because cancer had taken it over so mom went to indianapolis where they reconstructed her colon and gave her a new bladder. The doctors told us that they had gottn it all and we were very excited as she was too but then halloween rolled around and they told her the cancer had spread and that they wanted to do chemo and radiation. Mom was a trooper and did what she had to do but it was no good there wasnt anything helping her to cure this. I wont lie I thought og she will pull through and get over this and I was in denial. Man was I in denial big time. Mom wasnt getting any better and I was entering my third and last semester of nursing school. I could not concentrate at all and underneath I was hiding my fear and worries all the while failing school. I remember the day I withdrew like it was yesterday and I remember I wasnt going to tell my mom that I had withdrew but that same day as I called her I told my stepdad and he said dont tell your mother and I agreed because I didnt want to upset her at all. Well mom gets on the phone at the hospital and the first thing she asked me about was school. I was thinking ok do I tell her the truth or do I lie to her... well I couldnt lie to my mom and I told her all the while trying to hold back my tears that I withdrew because I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. Mom of course broke down and cried she siad it was all her fault and I felt horrible!! How could she blame herself??? She didnt ask for cancer to attack her body she didnt ask for any of this!! And she felt bad for me, I couldnt belive it. I knew it was what I had to do because I knew I could finish school another time but I would never have that time back with my mom. I spent as much time with her as I could and I remember I was going to call the cancer center of america and try to get her in. I wanted to do whatever I could for her, but it was too late mom quit breathing during a rountine surgery and was put on a ventilator. I was scared but I had seen people on them before and I remember preparing Doug for what he was about to see and let me tell you I was NOT prepared when I walked into the 3rd floor ICU. I lost it right then and there. Seeing someone you love so much in that situation was one of the hardest things I have EVER had to deal with. Mom passed away three days later and she was soo happy, I on the other hand was confused I didnt understand how someone could be soo happy that was passing away. It wasnt like she didnt know she was dying because she did know, mom wanted to know everything and everything we told her even when we really didnt want too. Mom knew when they were going to turn off the vent and she was ready, she was ready and we werent. She laughed and cried with me that day and I will NEVER forget the talks we had. Mom of course couldnt talk but shaking her head was enough. Mom even danced in her hospital bed that day and looking back now I know we were all blessed that she passed the way she did. I still miss her bad and some days are better then others and I try to be strong for myself and my sisters but inside I hurt everday. Why you mom WHY??? I wanna scream Im so angry and hurt because I dont understand any of this!! I cant hardley type right now because the tears are flowing. All I want is for this pain to go away just go away. We needed you here with us mom, there is so much we feel like you are missing and I know you are in heaven and you see it all but its not the same, its not the same ay all without you here. I wish someone could help me through the pain. I know to most people it looks like I handle the loss of my mom very well but truth be told Im an awesome faker. If you all could only feel what my heart feels then you would see that it still hurts like it was yesterday. I get excited and who do I want to call.... my MOM. Mom you will always have a special place in my heart and I hope Iam half the woman and mother you were. I miss you and I love you very much mom, Love your daughter....Michelle

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warning Winter Weather.

Warning we are having a winter weather crisis here as Im sure everyone is. I actually dont like the cold or much about winter for that matter, some things I dislike about winter are....
  1. Cleaning off the car for a simple 10 minute run to the store, it takes longer to clean and warm the car then it actually does to run into the store.
  2. Wearing 10 layers of clothes, gotta make sure you bundle thoses kiddos up and yourself lol and after that process everyone is hot and complaining so you unbundle just to stay inside.
  3. Tracking in the snow all through your house, I hate that. You come to get warm,put on new clothes with clean socks and all of a sudden you step in a puddle that you have tracked in which means you no longer have on nice warm clean socks.
  4. Driveways.... If you have a driveway like mine then you dread it because if you dont shovel it then more than likely you arent coming back up it. You then shovel for two hours come bak in the house and later look out and see the driveway covered again. What a waste of two hours.
  5. No school, yes I know the kids enjoy it at the time but when the summer rolls around they start complaining about how ready they are for summer break. Well sorry kids no summer this year you all have missed too many days. lol
  6. drivers.... all I have to say is if you cant drive in the snow then please leave it parked for those who can drive in the snow.
  7. Dirty snow, yuck. I love looking out and seeing the beautiful snow every once in a while but once people have tracked all in it and cars mess it up well then its ugly and who wants to see dirty snow.
Well that felt good lol lets see what you dislike about the winter weather, feel free to comment and let me know just what you hate about this winter weather!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bachelor...

Where to start with this one.... I love this show I really do but as I watch it I wonder would I really want to put myself out there for the world to watch me? I watch theses girls and laugh to myself because you have this one man who is dating all these girls and thses girl all say how they are sooo in love with Jake, lol do people not realize that theses girls have known him for a total of like six weeks. Thats whats so funny is they are all saying oh I love him and Im thinking you havent even known him that long. No wonder theses girls cant find a man they must run them all off if they are falling in love so quick. I dont know maybe I just dont get it and I probably never will but the people that go on these shows are idiots expecting to find "True Love" in a six week period. Like last night I didnt blame Ali at all for leaving I actually thought that she was a smart girl for making that decision. She had to make a choice between her job and a Jake and she chose her job, in my mind she couldnt afford to lose her job over a man that may or may not pick her, some women dont want to depend on a man to take care of them and apparently she didnt want that. She may have had true feelings for him but In love I highly doubt that! She made a decision that was right for her and I totally agree, it doesnt matter how much money he makes because even though she left if he truely cares for her and wants to be with her he still can be he just has to finish this show and he should understand why she did what she did because like I said if he wants her he can still get with her. Yes she could have stayed and quit her job but what was she supposed to do if and when he let her go? What go home and be mad because you lost your job over a tv show and a love that may or may not have been there. We all see what the other girls dont see and he was into all the girls and telling them crap that they wanted to hear so looking at it from all points she did the right thing. Now I think he will pick Tenley and I think shes best suited for him if she can get over this divorce she had. Yes I like the show but do I think its a little corney.... YES I do.  People dont fall in love in six weeks and wanna get married, the six weeks isnt just spent with one person its spent with a bunch of girls dying for atttention, but thats the life of reality tv you just gotta love it!!! I cant wait to see what the rest of the show has to bring!!

If this is what being retired feels like then I want to work and never retire!

I thought after graduating nursing school I would enjoy a little time off just sitting around looking for a job but I have come to the conclusion that sitting around does nothing but get you bored and gaining weight. Yes I know I could afford to gain some weight but come on this is ridiculous!! I also thought alot of my time would be sitting around studying for the boards which some of it was but I goofed off alot. Now the boards have come and gone and thank GOD that is over but now I sit and wait for drug test and background results. Yes like I posted before I have a job but the waiting around is awful! I NEVER thought I would get tired of being at home but low and behold Im sick of it. Then of course your mind starts wondering about what if I was a stay at home mom? Well to be honest that would NOT be on my things to do!! I hate being at home and yes I know that some of you moms love it and thats great for YOU but I have to have a life outside of my home! Then I think about retirement and well if this is what it would feel like then I will continue to work!! I know this is me complaining but Iam truely greatful that Iam able to get up and go to work. Im just tired of sitting around the house all day. You know there is only so much you can clean in a house? lol I know that when I start working here soon I will look back at this blog posting and think what was I complaining about because I will be tired and wore out and just wishing that I could be at home and relaxing. I know I should be enjoying my time off that I have right now but goodness what do you do with the time? I watch movies, clean, homework with kids, hang out with my husband but to me its the same thing everyday. So before I end this let me just say what Iam thankful for.... I am thankful that GOD has givin me the ability to work and to wake up each morning to see the daylight, iam thankful for my kids and my husband, thankful for my friends and family and mostly thankful to GOD for being alive!! Thankful for this blog to let me just come and vent and feel better afterwards!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have a JOB!!!

After a few works of searching for a job  have finally landed one!! I will be starting at Bardford square nursing home in the next week or so. Im super excited because I have been ready to work on the floor as a nurse by myself without holding the hand of a teacher. I have to do my 120 hours still but thats ok Im just glad someone is giving me the chance to do them. As nurses you all understand the searching that is required to find a place that will give you the oppertunity to do them. The pay is surprising as well, I have no problem telling you as I dont keep much private in my life.... during the 120 hours I will be making 15 and hr,after the 120 I will work on first for a short while and that gets me 16 and hour then I will be put on second where I will be making 18 an hour. As an LPN 18 an hour is great for just getting out of school! I cant complain and the fact that I only have to do 8 hour shifts is AWESOME!! I actually came across this job from my friend Ashley who I had went to nursing school with and she works there and told me to come apply there so I did and she has done alot of advacating for me to get me the job so thank you Ashley for believing in me and syaing that I will be a great nurse! I owe ya one!!! Im so ready to begin this new journey and see what comes my way! Im always up for a new challange. I have done my background check and drug test which I know is all fine and then I have orientation coming up soon and I will be working in the field I have always dreamed about! Thank you to all who have supported me in this journey and Iam truely blessed to have family and friends like you all so from the bottom of my heart I just want to say THANK YOU!!

On another note I want to thank the LORD for watching over one of my friends cousins Brock, Brock had heart surgery yesterday and the surgery was good and I know his family was worried but the power of prayer is so strong and I truely believed the LORD heard all our prayers that we sent up to him!! Its amazing how our GOD knows what we need from him!! Thank you GOD for being with his family and for watching over such a good person like Brock. Lets all  continue to pray that he has a successful recovery and that he gets back on his feet soon.