Monday, February 15, 2010

White Chocolate Mocha.... Lovin it.

White Chocolate Mocha thats all I have to say!! YUMMY YUMMY sweet goodness in my tummy!! So today with all this snow and no roads cleared off I decided to venture out with Doug and the kiddos and treat us all to the wonderful taste of the famous starbucks white chocolate mocha!! Yes i bought my kids one too just because it is also their favorite, yeah I know its not good for them but hey we were having a moment together and well there is no age on good taste!! So we bundled up and out we went. We had a really good time and the kids thought they were sooo cool walking around kroger with their starbucks cups. Its expensive I know but so worth it just for that warm creamy taste entering your mouth and warming your belly. On our way home while driving as slow as I could we looked and saw a snow mobile lol thats a first for us in Kentucky seeing one of those and the kids enjoyed it!! As we were coming up the drive way of course we got stuck and here Iam buring rubber on my lexus tires so now I will probably have to invest in new ones but hey thats the price you pay for a good taste of white chocolate mocha!!! It is by far the best out there so grab a cup and sit back and enjoy the wonderful taste!!!

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