Thursday, May 12, 2011

20 weeks....

How Far Along: 20 weeks so I am half way there!! Whoo hoo

Size of baby: Mango 6.5 in and weighs in at about 10 oz!! SO a little over half a pound :)

Total Weight Gain: I have gained 12 pounds

Maternity Clothes: nothing really fits that great so its usually comfy clothes after work and on the weekends, with work I wear scrub pants and plain tees that are form fitting and they feel nice I love them!! Thanks target :)

Gender: BOY!! Baby Tyler

Movement: I feel him move not strong hard kicks but more like a gliding feeling, I do know baby Tyler likes to stay on my bladder all the time! I guess its his comfy spot but deff not mine as I run to the bathroom 500 times a day.

Sleep: SLEEP I love sleep, get a little uncomfortable at times but still love my sleep

What I miss: Not missing much except I miss not waking up during the middle of the night to have to go pee.
Cravings:  ha ha Icecream and pretty much the see food diet... If I see it I eat it!! I crave pizza and spicy food, still lovin me some ice cream though!!

Symptoms: Nausea is pretty much gone, I have a lot of round ligament pain and pressure real low but thats because baby Tyler loves to hang out there, feet kill me by the end of the work day I go home with swollen feet!

What I’m looking forward to: I am  sooo looking forward to holding baby Tyler in my arms and kissing his sweet face and just holding him!! I love this boy so much and havent even met him yet!!