Thursday, January 28, 2010

Passed My boards!!! Im an official NURSE!!

It is official..... I passed my boards and I'm now a licensed practical nurse!!! The joy and excitement I feel right now is so overwhelming that I cant even explain it to put into words. I started school in 2006 doing my prerexs when I finished my prerexs I was excited because I had made the deans list and got accepted into the lpn program, I couldnt have been happier!! I made it all the way to my last semester in the nursing program when I suddenly had to withdraw because my mom was getting worse with her cancer and I needed to be there for her, I didnt regret my decision because I knew I would go back but I was sad because I had wanted to finish with my class because I had gotten close to two of the girls in my class, Kelly Carriss and Ashley Hensley. We were each others rock all through nursing and we were always their for each other. They both continued on and both passed which was awesome because they deserved it!! They are both successful working in two different fields Kelly at family allergy and asthma and Ashley at Bradford Square nursing home. I on the other had to go back and when I did I still wasnt ready I wasnt over the fact that I had lost my mother to her battle with cancer and began to have panic attacks where yet again I had to withdraw. At this point I wondered if I should continue on this journey of nursing or just give it up but yet again I pushed forward and went back and this time with help from GOD I graduated!! I couldnt believe it... did I really just do this... is this a dream? Yes it was a dream but a dream come true that I had waited on forever. So on Jan 26, 2010 I took my boards. They make you feel like you are in prison with all the papers, finger prints, picture and palm prints. Not to mention that they video and audio record you while you take the test all the while they sit in a glass office and patrol the situation lol. It was nerve racking to say the least!!! I felt like when I sat down and started that I didnt know anything I didnt feel prepared. I walked out of there feeling like a failure and then you have to wait two days scared to death to see if you passed. Its the worst feeling ever but low and behold the results were in and i had PASSED!!! Iam so proud of myself, proud to say Im a NURSE!!! Thanks to all who supported me. Doug you worked your butt off to support the family and I know it was hard on you but you did it and for that Im thankful without you I couldnt have done it! I love you Babe!! Kell you know what you did for me to ease my mind and I will never forget that, thank you for pushing me and having faith in me knowing that I could do it, I love you and your a great friend. Ashley thank you for all the long night talks when I kept you from sleep and all the kind words you gave me and telling me I could do this. My family I thank them they were there for me as well and I love them for that!!! Man this sounds good to say.... IM A NURSE!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15.2010


It has been a long week. Monday I had a job interview at Bradford square in Frankfort where one of my friends Ashley Hensley works, interview went well so I'm hoping for a call back soon because I need a job and I need some money. (don't we all). After the interview I went with one of BFFS Brittany to clean up her parents old house that they moved out of and let me tell you it was no joke! It was a very old house and very big! lol we cleaned till midnight 2days and finally wrapped up on Wednesday around 3 or 4. I think that's the cleanest house I have seen in a long time. Doug asked if I was getting anything for doing it and no I didn't. I did it because as people we should all pitch in and help when we can and we shouldn't always expect something just because we did something. I enjoy helping others out and leave feeling good knowing I could do something for someone when they needed help. I know there will come a day when I myself will need help and I only hope they do me the same way.Sometimes its about giving and not receiving. Me and Britt had a good time though we brought a radio and jammed out to our favorite songs, lol we danced and did the cupid shuffle which we always love. I think I smelled like pine sol forever though but like I said the house is clean. Yesterday I don't think I did much of anything except wait for the fridge repair man to come which he never did. Its been over a week and we are getting upset because of the all the food we have lost. I wouldn't be so upset if this wasn't the second time since I have moved here in late October that a refrigerator has went out!! So they said they didn't have the right telephone number to call us in their computer to tell us they were coming, well they should have just showed up!! Now they are saying they will try to get us in today like it was our fault. I will NEVER but from that brand again.Now today is Friday and I have no idea what we will get into. It gets kinda boring sitting around the house with nothing to do. I want to go to work so bad I cant stand it!!! I'm ready to put my nursing skills to the test and use what I have learned and help people out!! I know the right job will come along and That GOD has a plan for me and that I should be patient and grateful and I'm really trying, just frustrating at times that's all. I know I haven't blogged here lately and that disappoints me because I want to blog everyday so hopefully I will get it together and keep on blogging!!! Have a fun and safe weekend whatever it is that you will do!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9,2010

My pop... Billy Ray Sheppard born July 29. He is actually my grandpa but to us grand kids we have always called him "POP". I have never met another man quite like him and probably never will. He is my hero the one man to look up to. He has 5 children.. my mom(passed 2-22-08) Theresa Scott, Enda Sheppard, Cindy Byerly, Rene Robinson and Vanessa White. Grand kids Billy Duncan, Me, Brad Sheppard, Brittnie Bramer, Cindy White, Jennifer Scott, Amanda Scott, and Andrew Byerly. He has Several great grand kids as well, Raylee Duncan, Bailey Duncan, Kaylan Divine, Bradley Divine, Braxton Sheppard, and Ashton. That's not what makes he wonderful though hes wonderful because of how he treats people with respect and trust me the respect is returned. Hes an honest and hard working man, he always has been and I'm sure he always will be. He is always there when you need him no matter what and that again I'm sure he always will be. Anyone who has ever came to cross in his path has had nothing but nice things to say about him. I wish everyone had a pop like my family. I was actually named after him with "RAE". For a long time as a kid I hated my middle name thinking it was a guys name but now I am honored to carry that same name as him even though it is spelled the female way. As a child I would stay with him and My granny and they put me in dance classes and every time that my pop would take me to class on the way home he would stop at McDonald's and always get me a small fry and small vanilla milkshake. I thought going to McDonald's with him was the best!! I remember a few times him telling me not to tell my granny that we stopped lol. One thing about my pop is he stays out of all the family drama and never judges! My family has gotten ALOT better but sometimes we women can be hard to deal with and hes just smart enough to leave it alone. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for him in this world as I'm sure many feel the same way as I do. I dedicate this blog to him because he is a wonderful man who I wish all could meet!! I love you forever and always pop!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan 8,2010

My sisters, I have been blessed to have two sisters put into my life! Jennifer 20, and Amanda 19. Growing up as a child I never thought I was blessed to have them in my life as I'm sure they didn't either. I was about 8 when Jennifer was born and we lived in a two bedroom house where I shared a room with my brother Billy and sister Jennifer. There was room for anything with a bunk bed and baby bed to fill the room as well as dressers, then about 16 months later mom popped out Manda and the poor thing had to sleep in a bassinet in the living room. Needless to say we got lucky and didn't stay in that 2 bedroom house but 2 weeks after she was born. As a child I had alot of responsibility helping to raise them. I acted like their mother and I know it drove them crazy lol. I never really got close to them as kids and I regretted that for a long time but I also was a kid taking care of kids. I love those girls to death now and would do anything for them. Its funny because we are all three so very different, me I'm loud and most of the time out spoken, Jennifer is alot like me more than Manda is. Jennifer is very outspoken and more quite then Iam but she makes her point be known, Manda she is soft spoken and wont really say how she feels as I think shes afraid to hurt peoples feelings. GOD somehow put the three of us together and we may argue and disagree with each other but we LOVE each other dearly and would what we could for the other. I know the "girls" ( that's what I always called them lol) think I probably still try to be there mother but I really don't I just try to be there for them like a sister should be. See we were unfortunate in 2008, our mom passed away from cancer and it took a toll on the whole family. I remember being selfish thinking why my mom? I'm only 28 I shouldn't be without a mom, but then you sit and think what about the "girls" they are so young and still have so much to accomplish in life. Jennifer had just started college, I was in college trying to get my nursing degree and Manda was still in high school. Mom never got to see her graduate high school as she did the rest of us, mom wont see them succeed in life, get married and have babies as she did with me. Its sad because they deserve to have their mother their for them just like I did. That's when I feel like as the older sister I want to step in and be there for them like my mom would have been. Yes I can be over protective and judgemental towards them but I love those "girls" and only want the best for them both. They are both really great "girls" and have separate goals that they both want to reach and I want to be there all the way cheering them on!! So to my sister.... I love you both soo much and you both will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart forever and always. I know I wasn't the best sister in the world growing up and I cant take back things that have happened but I will ALWAYS be there no matter what for you both!!! I wanted to dedicate this blog to them because they both beautiful and special to me in their own ways!!! I love you "GIRLS" and I'm proud to call you both my sisters!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 7, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! I was beggining to wonder if the snow the weather channel was calling for was coming or not. At 630am this morning there was nothing when I looked out the door except a burst of cold air that took my breath away, the news was showing school closings left and right and im thinking ok people wheres the snow but low and behold soon after..... SNOW!!!! I woke all night looking and waiting for this snow to come like I was a child hoping for no school, I guess I get excited for my kids hoping they wont have school because we all know as kids thats what we looked forward too! I remember as a kid playing out in the snow making snow men,angels,and snow balls with my brother and sisters and coming in just to have that hot chocolate that my mom would make just to make us all warm. Memories, memories. Whats funny now is I no longer like getting out in the snow and playing, dont get me wrong I will for my kids but its just too cold! I now like to look out and just see pretty white snow with no feet prints or car tracks but that never happens because the kids always want to go out and play, just as I did as a child. On top of that you have people who just cant drive out there and really need to stay home, I will admit If I can stay home I do I hate driving in this mess and the slipping and sliding is enough to keep me in. Of course you have the crazy ones who rush to the store to get bread, milk and eggs lol, its funny when you hear that an inch is coming and you head to the store and people raided the shelves like there was no tomorrow. I will admit though I was one of those people last night going to my local grocery store to stock up. I figured the kids would be home so I knew they would want to eat. lol yeah we have to feed them I know. Now I have the kids running back and forth saying "mom,mom can we go out?" GO Go I say just go!! Man I miss school already lol but I know tomorrow will be another day off for mine and others little rug rats. The joys of being a parent, I guess I better get the hot chocolate ready for my kids as my mom did for me when I was begging as well "mom,mom can I go play?" Yep mom was right when she said wait till you have kids, ha ha If I would have known then I wouldn't have it any other way, I just wish I enjoyed it like I used to! Be safe out there people and take your time cause you have nurses, doctors, police, EMS and firefighters waiting to get a hold of you and help you out!!! Adrenaline rush for us that have those titles but for you not so fun so take it slow and get home safe!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6,2010

A family is what we are born into, we cant chose the ones who become our family but we learn to love the ones that GOD has choosen to give us. Iam truely blessed! Iam 30 years old with two children, Kaylan 11 and Bradley 6, I have been married to Doug for 11 almost 12 years, I have just graduated from the LPN program at JCTC in shelbyville KY and soon will be taking the boards. Iam currently looking for a job as a nurse and at times its stressful and scary thinking why cant I get a job, but I know that GOD has a plan for me and that I need to be patient and that the right job will come along. GOD has blessed me with family and friends in my life that Iam so happy to have in my life. I have lost several family members and friends along the way and even though I dont understand why I do know that it is a part of life, difficult to deal with YES at times it is. My mom passed away Feb 22, 2008 from cancer that had spread all through her body, that was a hard time for me and my family as I have a brother and two sisters. I have lost a grandmother who was much like a mother to me and an uncle who should have been my dad, those people have left such an impression on my heart, I will love them always!! As for the family I still have they are awesome!! My aunt Cindy well I could talk about her for days, lol she is my another mom she has been there for me no matter what I have been going through and she never judges which is great!! Thank you Aunt Cindy you are my rock!!! The rest of my family is awesome as well, we laugh, cry and argue together but aint that what a family is for? we may not always get along or agree but we will always be there for each other!!! This is my first blog and my good friend Kelly suggested this to me a while back and Im just now doing it so Thanks Kelly. I will try to update daily and keep everyone posted about daily life and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!