Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 7, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! I was beggining to wonder if the snow the weather channel was calling for was coming or not. At 630am this morning there was nothing when I looked out the door except a burst of cold air that took my breath away, the news was showing school closings left and right and im thinking ok people wheres the snow but low and behold soon after..... SNOW!!!! I woke all night looking and waiting for this snow to come like I was a child hoping for no school, I guess I get excited for my kids hoping they wont have school because we all know as kids thats what we looked forward too! I remember as a kid playing out in the snow making snow men,angels,and snow balls with my brother and sisters and coming in just to have that hot chocolate that my mom would make just to make us all warm. Memories, memories. Whats funny now is I no longer like getting out in the snow and playing, dont get me wrong I will for my kids but its just too cold! I now like to look out and just see pretty white snow with no feet prints or car tracks but that never happens because the kids always want to go out and play, just as I did as a child. On top of that you have people who just cant drive out there and really need to stay home, I will admit If I can stay home I do I hate driving in this mess and the slipping and sliding is enough to keep me in. Of course you have the crazy ones who rush to the store to get bread, milk and eggs lol, its funny when you hear that an inch is coming and you head to the store and people raided the shelves like there was no tomorrow. I will admit though I was one of those people last night going to my local grocery store to stock up. I figured the kids would be home so I knew they would want to eat. lol yeah we have to feed them I know. Now I have the kids running back and forth saying "mom,mom can we go out?" GO Go I say just go!! Man I miss school already lol but I know tomorrow will be another day off for mine and others little rug rats. The joys of being a parent, I guess I better get the hot chocolate ready for my kids as my mom did for me when I was begging as well "mom,mom can I go play?" Yep mom was right when she said wait till you have kids, ha ha If I would have known then I wouldn't have it any other way, I just wish I enjoyed it like I used to! Be safe out there people and take your time cause you have nurses, doctors, police, EMS and firefighters waiting to get a hold of you and help you out!!! Adrenaline rush for us that have those titles but for you not so fun so take it slow and get home safe!!

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