Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bachelor...

Where to start with this one.... I love this show I really do but as I watch it I wonder would I really want to put myself out there for the world to watch me? I watch theses girls and laugh to myself because you have this one man who is dating all these girls and thses girl all say how they are sooo in love with Jake, lol do people not realize that theses girls have known him for a total of like six weeks. Thats whats so funny is they are all saying oh I love him and Im thinking you havent even known him that long. No wonder theses girls cant find a man they must run them all off if they are falling in love so quick. I dont know maybe I just dont get it and I probably never will but the people that go on these shows are idiots expecting to find "True Love" in a six week period. Like last night I didnt blame Ali at all for leaving I actually thought that she was a smart girl for making that decision. She had to make a choice between her job and a Jake and she chose her job, in my mind she couldnt afford to lose her job over a man that may or may not pick her, some women dont want to depend on a man to take care of them and apparently she didnt want that. She may have had true feelings for him but In love I highly doubt that! She made a decision that was right for her and I totally agree, it doesnt matter how much money he makes because even though she left if he truely cares for her and wants to be with her he still can be he just has to finish this show and he should understand why she did what she did because like I said if he wants her he can still get with her. Yes she could have stayed and quit her job but what was she supposed to do if and when he let her go? What go home and be mad because you lost your job over a tv show and a love that may or may not have been there. We all see what the other girls dont see and he was into all the girls and telling them crap that they wanted to hear so looking at it from all points she did the right thing. Now I think he will pick Tenley and I think shes best suited for him if she can get over this divorce she had. Yes I like the show but do I think its a little corney.... YES I do.  People dont fall in love in six weeks and wanna get married, the six weeks isnt just spent with one person its spent with a bunch of girls dying for atttention, but thats the life of reality tv you just gotta love it!!! I cant wait to see what the rest of the show has to bring!!

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