Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have a JOB!!!

After a few works of searching for a job  have finally landed one!! I will be starting at Bardford square nursing home in the next week or so. Im super excited because I have been ready to work on the floor as a nurse by myself without holding the hand of a teacher. I have to do my 120 hours still but thats ok Im just glad someone is giving me the chance to do them. As nurses you all understand the searching that is required to find a place that will give you the oppertunity to do them. The pay is surprising as well, I have no problem telling you as I dont keep much private in my life.... during the 120 hours I will be making 15 and hr,after the 120 I will work on first for a short while and that gets me 16 and hour then I will be put on second where I will be making 18 an hour. As an LPN 18 an hour is great for just getting out of school! I cant complain and the fact that I only have to do 8 hour shifts is AWESOME!! I actually came across this job from my friend Ashley who I had went to nursing school with and she works there and told me to come apply there so I did and she has done alot of advacating for me to get me the job so thank you Ashley for believing in me and syaing that I will be a great nurse! I owe ya one!!! Im so ready to begin this new journey and see what comes my way! Im always up for a new challange. I have done my background check and drug test which I know is all fine and then I have orientation coming up soon and I will be working in the field I have always dreamed about! Thank you to all who have supported me in this journey and Iam truely blessed to have family and friends like you all so from the bottom of my heart I just want to say THANK YOU!!

On another note I want to thank the LORD for watching over one of my friends cousins Brock, Brock had heart surgery yesterday and the surgery was good and I know his family was worried but the power of prayer is so strong and I truely believed the LORD heard all our prayers that we sent up to him!! Its amazing how our GOD knows what we need from him!! Thank you GOD for being with his family and for watching over such a good person like Brock. Lets all  continue to pray that he has a successful recovery and that he gets back on his feet soon.

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