Monday, February 8, 2010

If this is what being retired feels like then I want to work and never retire!

I thought after graduating nursing school I would enjoy a little time off just sitting around looking for a job but I have come to the conclusion that sitting around does nothing but get you bored and gaining weight. Yes I know I could afford to gain some weight but come on this is ridiculous!! I also thought alot of my time would be sitting around studying for the boards which some of it was but I goofed off alot. Now the boards have come and gone and thank GOD that is over but now I sit and wait for drug test and background results. Yes like I posted before I have a job but the waiting around is awful! I NEVER thought I would get tired of being at home but low and behold Im sick of it. Then of course your mind starts wondering about what if I was a stay at home mom? Well to be honest that would NOT be on my things to do!! I hate being at home and yes I know that some of you moms love it and thats great for YOU but I have to have a life outside of my home! Then I think about retirement and well if this is what it would feel like then I will continue to work!! I know this is me complaining but Iam truely greatful that Iam able to get up and go to work. Im just tired of sitting around the house all day. You know there is only so much you can clean in a house? lol I know that when I start working here soon I will look back at this blog posting and think what was I complaining about because I will be tired and wore out and just wishing that I could be at home and relaxing. I know I should be enjoying my time off that I have right now but goodness what do you do with the time? I watch movies, clean, homework with kids, hang out with my husband but to me its the same thing everyday. So before I end this let me just say what Iam thankful for.... I am thankful that GOD has givin me the ability to work and to wake up each morning to see the daylight, iam thankful for my kids and my husband, thankful for my friends and family and mostly thankful to GOD for being alive!! Thankful for this blog to let me just come and vent and feel better afterwards!!!

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