Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Job And Lovin it.

I started my new job at Bradford Square on Feb 18,2010. I started out with orientation with a few other girls and then the nexy day I was actually on the floor training as a nurse!! I was scared, nervous, and excited all in one as a new nurse should be. The nurse that was training me that day was awesome, she really knows her stuff and was there to help guide me through the process of everything. Charting I have come to realize is a little harder to catch on then I thought but Im pushing through it everyday and getting better and more comfortable with it each and every day!! I think I thought I would go in there and just know everything I needed to know but come to find out school doesnt really prepare you for the real world like I thought. Yes they teach you how to administer meds and do treatments but charting, admissions and all the paper work is different. I have also worked under another nurse that also has been very helpful and very good at explaining things to me. I feel like Im catching on but so not ready to be on the floor by myself yet. Lol I know its only been 3 full days on the floor and I love being there and I know that I will eventually get the hang of everything and be like all the other nurses, I only hope I can be as good as them someday. again I will return tomorrow ready like a new nurse is and Im excited! I will be on a different hall with new faces to learn and new challenges to face! Im ready and have an open mind that I feel allows me to learn new things and adjust to the new life as a nurse. Everyone there is a team and its nice knowing that I work at a place where eveyone is willing to help and answer questions. I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience as a new nurse and I will contiue to update you as much as I can about my daily life as a nurse, wife, mother, sister and friend to many.

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