Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day in the life of a nurse...

As I stated before I started a new job in Frankfort, Ky in a nursing home so I thought I would fill you in on a typical day as a nurse. I awake at 430am to get ready to start my day off, I then leave the house at 530am for my long nothing to look at drive where I arrive about 609am or so depending on traffic. I clock in at 630am and prepare to get my report. As Im waitng to get report I fill out my vitals sheet to give to the Cna's for the day, which is also my residents that I chart on for what ever the reason may be. I then get report and count my narc box to make sure all the narcotics are accounted for and then the med and treatment keys are now mine to carry for the day!! Soon there after I begin to get ready to start passing my morning meds, which of course takes me forever because again Im new and the whole time Im just hoping to catch on and get better with time. I usually finish morning med pass around 930am and take a little break outside with the girls and I usually get a few laughs in depending on who is out there at the time. I then begin to start my treatments which can range from breathing treatments, dressing changes to basic check beds and wheelchairs. That takes a while sometimes but its not too bad. I then do a little charting and then if Im doing good on time I take my lunch at 1130am where I then come back ready to pass my noon meds. Noon meds dont take as long because not everyone has to have them. I then after that have more charting and so on and before too long its 230 where I give report to the nurse coming on to take my place and we go through the whole routine that I went through in the am as far as counting the narcs and so on. I usually get to leave at 3 or a little after but I have stayed over a few times but nothing major. I have been lucky that nothing crazy has happended yet like a full code or anything else. It can get a little exciting at times but so far nothing too exciting and to be honest im ok with that because as a cna I never realized the amount of paperwork a nurse has to do!! So as far as Im concerned things can stay calm for now. I know I cant go into details with the whole hippa law but you get the general idea of what I do everyday and actually I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world I love being a nurse and helping people and leaving an impression on my residents. Thats what its all about at the end of the day, its not the money its the love they show you when they know you truely care!!!

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