Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warning Winter Weather.

Warning we are having a winter weather crisis here as Im sure everyone is. I actually dont like the cold or much about winter for that matter, some things I dislike about winter are....
  1. Cleaning off the car for a simple 10 minute run to the store, it takes longer to clean and warm the car then it actually does to run into the store.
  2. Wearing 10 layers of clothes, gotta make sure you bundle thoses kiddos up and yourself lol and after that process everyone is hot and complaining so you unbundle just to stay inside.
  3. Tracking in the snow all through your house, I hate that. You come to get warm,put on new clothes with clean socks and all of a sudden you step in a puddle that you have tracked in which means you no longer have on nice warm clean socks.
  4. Driveways.... If you have a driveway like mine then you dread it because if you dont shovel it then more than likely you arent coming back up it. You then shovel for two hours come bak in the house and later look out and see the driveway covered again. What a waste of two hours.
  5. No school, yes I know the kids enjoy it at the time but when the summer rolls around they start complaining about how ready they are for summer break. Well sorry kids no summer this year you all have missed too many days. lol
  6. drivers.... all I have to say is if you cant drive in the snow then please leave it parked for those who can drive in the snow.
  7. Dirty snow, yuck. I love looking out and seeing the beautiful snow every once in a while but once people have tracked all in it and cars mess it up well then its ugly and who wants to see dirty snow.
Well that felt good lol lets see what you dislike about the winter weather, feel free to comment and let me know just what you hate about this winter weather!!

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