Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas just around the corner!!!

I am super excited about the holidays coming up that I cant wait to put up the tree and all the decorations and sit back and enjoy some Christmas music!! This Christmas will a different then all the other christmases that me and the kids have had together but with GOD we will all make this a wonderful Christmas!! So I did a little sneaky shopping for the BF "Boy friend" the other day. He left a magazine in my car so I decided to look and see what it was about lol it was a hot rod magazine! While I was looking through it I found something I knew he would love!! It was an ornament that was made into a motor ( a chevy big block to be exact) He loves anything to do with trucks and motors and all the other parts that go ino making a truck!! So without futher adue I give you.......

The chevy big block ornament for the tree!!

See me and the kiddos have our own special ornaments for the tree and the BF needed to have his very own!! We will make this a christmas to remember since the BF has always lived alone he has never had a tree up for christmas since he was a kid so this will be special for all of us. lol maybe a little eye opener for him since he doesnt have kids but none the less he loves my kids as if they were his own!! So to get more into the christmas spirit I decided to put some pics on here of the stuff I would LOVE to get from the BF. lol Its my little wish list!!!

Is this NOT the cutest mixer you have ever seen?? I love it and its Kitchenaid!!! I have been a baking fool lately and this would help out so much since me and BF burned up the hand held mixer!!

LOL who wouldnt want a starbuck IV bag on 24/7?? I LOVE STARBUCKS!! A gift certificate would be lovely since I cant possibly walk around attatched to a starbuck IV all day!! OH did I mention I LOVE STARBUCKS!!!

Ugg Boots... I LOVE LOVE LOVE theses boots!! You can get theses from zappos on line!! A little pricy but way too cute!!! Put some skinny jeans on with theses boots and its instant HOTT HOTT HOTT!!!

AHHH Pink!!! This is just screamimg... WEAR ME!!! I love victorias secert!!!

I also LOVE me some nike shox!!! And of course pink is my favorite color!!!

So thats a start for my wish list!!! I may add on later but it is just a wish!! What is your wish list this year????

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