Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So what if I.....

Like to lay in bed and read a book to take my mind off things.

Like warm hot brownies with ice cream topped with whipped cream and hot fudge.

Dont answer your call everytime my phone rings that means Im busy.

Love to sing in the shower.

Love to dance and act silly with my kids.

Hate working late on wednesdays!!

Be alone from time to time to just be  by myself.

I still hang out with a guy that you dont approve of, cause remember you dodnt want to be with me.

Love my mcdonalds sweet tea every morning.

I love my kids more than life its self.

have bad habits like biting my nails.

Love sitting outside at night and just relax.

My life is a little crazy at the moment.

Treat my 7yr old son like hes still my little baby.

Love to curl up in bed and take long naps on the weekends.

Love to watch the bad girls club.

Struggle everyday to get by while I go through a divorce.

I have the best friends that a girl could ask for.

Say how I feel and dont hold back.

What are your so whats for wednesday????

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