Monday, October 11, 2010


What a weekend, had the kiddos this weekend and finally moved all my stuff out of the house I was living at. Did get a washer and dyer that a friend had sitting in their basement so I was excited about that. Its funny when you had all that basic stuff before and when you are going through a divorce sometimes you lose the basics and dont realize until you no longer have clean underware lol. All I need to look for now is a small kitchen table with some chairs and I will be set. Me and the kids unpacked and put our little house together and are making it a home. I love how my kids can brighten my day and put a smile on my face when there are times I just dont feel like smiling. My daughter cracks me up I never realized how much she knows and really alot is there that she shouldnt know. My son has gotten really clingy with me lately and wants to snuggle all the time and just tell me how much he loves me like he thinks I will forget. I love it that together the three of us are strong. So with all the moving and unpacking and cleaning I am wore out and havent slept much at all and it is taking a toll on me. Im hoping things will become normal again or at least a new normal for me and the kids and Im sure they will soon. Divorce is never easy on anyone but together we can get through this a make us a new life and be happy!!!

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