Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a few things I love!!!

Today I decided that I would post a few things that I love... I dont have any pics on here right now of my family but they know I love them dearly!!!
Of course startbucks is a MUST!! I love the white chocolate Mocha!! So rich and creamy and well a girls gotta have her starbucks any chance she can get right???

AHHH Must I say anything??? I love me some Greys.... or at least I think Im in love with this man!! Its nice to curl up on the couch every thursdsay and watch greys and its nice when you can watch a show with some really good looking men!!

Thats right I LOVE my job!!! Without this job I couldnt support my family and provide all the needed things for my kids!! And lets face it we need to breath right and live well!!! So thank you FAA for allowing me to be apart of such a close family!! Special thanks to Kelly Carriss because without you I wouldnt have this Job!!

Candles.... I love the smell of candles in the fall and winter time more then any other time of the year!! I love the smell of cinnimon candles the best, it reminds me of christmas time more then anything else. Lights out, nice warm cozy blanket with some candles lite is sooo relaxing!!

Books... lately all I seem to be doing is reading. I have really gotten into the Janet Evanovich series.. One for the money and two for the dough. They will crack you up!! There are soo many books in this series that it will take me a long time to read them all. Im only on the secomd one but I have the third one on standby for when Im finished!!

Fall wheather and leaves. Just look around isnt it beautiful??? I love driving down my road to my house where it looks like Im in the woods while I drive and looking out at all the beautiful leaves that have fallen and all the leaves that have changed colors is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the FALL!!

Yummy yum yum.... I love me some donuts!!! I have a hugh sweet tooth and a nice fresh donut all most always hits the spot!!!

Victorias secert.... Tell me a girl that doesnt love them some victorias secert??? From bras and underware to tee shirts and sweats, they have it all!! I love their sweats with the matching jackets!! And who can pass up the 5 for 25 on underware?? I love that store!!!

Thats just a few things that I love!!! What is it that you love???

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