Thursday, October 7, 2010

EWWWW Centipede....

Ok so last night I was sound asleep and really relaxed at 2am this morning when all of a sudden I thought I felt something crawling on my arm!! I brushed it off and then felt it again, I jumped out of bed and turned on my light to see something run under my pillow!! I grabbed my pillow and this is what I saw... this nasty centipede!! It actually bit my arm and 10 mins later my arm was on FIRE!!! I was freaking out not knowing what can happen when one of things attacks so I hurry up and get on the internet and well they are nasty!! They can cause headaches,nausea,vomiting and diarrhea!! My arm broke out with a rash and bite marks from this nasty little creature. aparently they like to come in your house and attack while you sleep!! So beware of the centipede!! But have no fear the one that bit me well that was the bit that sucker will ever have!! Now I just hope I can sleep in my bed again without freaking out that another one is out there waiting to get me!!!

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