Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap...

This weekend we attended the spencer county homecoming!! The kids enjoyed the parade and all the fun things they had downtown to do. Music,Food and lots of people. The kids ran into some of their old friends they hadnt seen in a long time and got to watch the parade with them and their dad. It was a nice day. Pretty weather and not much to complain about. They racked up on all that sugar that we parents dont like but hey they had a blast!! After the parade they went back with their daddy and I headed home for a much needed nap. Oh how I enjoy saturday naps!! Woke up and a friend invited over me to go to one of his friends for dinner which was nice because I hadnt had a steak in a long time and it was awesome!!! Didnt do too much yesterday but I did go back over to my friends and I made him and I a crockpot full of white chile!!! It was awesomeand it was my first time making it so GO ME!!! I also made brownies and we had ice cream, brownie,whipped cream and carmel syrup and let me tell you I loved it!!! The weekends go by way tooo fast but I cherisevery weekend that I can when I get to spend time with my kiddos!!! Happy monday all!!

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