Friday, October 1, 2010

Oct 1,2010 Its FRIDAY!!

It is finally friday and and I am sooo ready to get this weekend started!! I have been sick with a cold that has bothered my lungs so bad. I want to rest this weekend and get plenty of sleep!! Saturday we are having a homecoming pararde in Taylorsville and the kids love going to the parade. Its not my weekend with the kids but we are working on taking them down there. Put all our problems aside and enjoy some time with the kiddos!! They deserve it!! Other than that its rest and get to feeling better weekend!! Cant be sick and down when your a nurse that has patients to take care of!! I love my job and I love the fact that its M-F!! I do miss residents in a nursing home home but I dont miss the work there or the weekend shifts!! Being a nurse is a rewarding job and I am so thankful that GOD has givin me this chance to hep change and improve other peoples lives even when mine own life seems hectic!! Happy friday all and enjoy your weekend!!!

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