Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Tuesday

I never have liked ice tea but oh how I have fallen in love with mcdonalds sweet tea, I have to have my daily fix of that every morning on my way to work!!  Im lovin it!!!

I love how my best friend always knows when to call, she can read my blog and read right through me and know whats on my mind!! Oh how I love that girl!! She can tell when your lieing so there is no point in trying because she will always get it out of you which is fine because she doesnt judge which is why I love me some Kelly Carriss!!!

Kids are at home all snuggled up in their nice warm beds oh how I wish we were all snuggling and staying out of this cold weather but that doesnt pay the bills so off to work I go!!!

I love being a nurse but there are times when you MUST suck it up and deal with certain patients! But over all I wouldnt trade being a nurse for anything in the world, hell I worked my booty off trying to complete my nursing degree and the bad thing is is that Im going to be going back!! which is ok because thats more money on the hour for me to beable to provide better for my babies!!

A little boy just came in and smelled like pancakes.... Oh how I love me some pancakes lol

Almost finished with Kaylans scrap book and oh its sooo cute I made her a family one which she loves!! I toot my own horn because It is cute if I say so myself!! So toot toot!! noone else is going to toot your own horn so do it yourself!! Let me hear ya toot toot!!!

I cant get this damn paper to fax I have been trying since yesterday the number keeps saying it busy which is ticking me off because theses vials need to be ordered!! Like yesterday!!! So fax machine if you can hear me please send my fax on through and quit causing me stress please and thank you!!

My dog is soo cute but right now she needs a hair cut like something terrible!! Dog fairies please come take care of this and wash her up and make her beautiful again because this snow is matting her up!! K thanks

I hate sitting by this front door because everytime it opens im freezing which I hate being cold so old man winter you may disappear at anytime now love michelle!!

I really need to clean my car out its starting to look like a mcdonalds with the millions of mcdonalds bags I have thrown in there, any takers want to clean it out for me??? hmmmmmm didnt think so me either.

Some people will never change or they say they have which this person has changed but I have learned that I no longer know who this person is. I have known this person for a very long time and while they say everyone likes this new person not everyone does!! I dont but I guess they have moved on which is crazy to me because we have a family together and this person was all about doing the family thing and now they have changed and I feel like 15years to this person means nothing!! YES blogger world I admit I have done wrong a bunch of times oh yes I have but I cant go back and change that because I would!! This person used to believe in GOD and was saved with me together sitting at a kitchen table but I guess that means nothing to them anymore because they cant forgive. GOD has forgivin me and I know this just wish this person could.

I feel like I cant tell if Im coming or going anymore I need life to slow down a little and I mean fast because this poor girl is getting grey hair lol I swear I am!! Someone please offer to dye for me lol

I love rocking out in my car I dont care who pulls up next to me and stares, stare all you want your just mad cause you cant rock out like me!!

Have a great day blogger friends and remember it could always be worse!! Love to all

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