Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am loving that this weekend on friday we went to southeast christian church to see the easter pagent and that Par loved it!! I have a hard time getting him to do anything that involves a church so for him to go to this it was AWESOME!! It was a pretty good pagent but was actually better in years past, but the message was still great all the same!! So it was def worth it!!

Saturday we took his truck to get alarm and auto start put in but they had to order a part so we will be going back next weekend, we came home and the fire tones went off there was a field fire that was a pretty good one from what I hear and it must have been because he was gone for several hours and it always makes me a nervous wreck that something will happen to him but he came home safe which made me feel blessed. I hate worrying about him when he is out  there on fire runs because no matter how much experience you have something can always go wrong. I am proud of him for the caring and committment that he has for the department and it shows all over our walls in the house with awards and plaques that he has recieved throughout the past 12 years that he has served on the department. If we have a boy I hope one day he will want to follow in his daddys foot steps and help the community like his daddy does.

We also had a birthday party to go to for his twin nieces that turned four and those girls had a blast!!! They love their and shoes and of course baby dolls!!

I am also loving my best friend Kelly for taking this pic of me and par, It actually turned out cute and we are going to have it blown up and turned into black and white and hang it above our bed!!

We love it and are excited to welcome this little blessing in october!! We still dont know what the gender of the baby is and we cant wait till we have our ultrasound!!!

remember people GOD is great and does AMAZING things for all of us each and everyday!!

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