Thursday, February 3, 2011


Oh how fast the last two weeks have flown by!! On saturday Jan 22, 2011 I had went to pick up one of Pars friends that wanted to come over and hang out and on my way over thereI began to feel prettty crappy. I eneded up getting sick on the side of his friends house lol. I ended up laying around most of the time at the house just not feeling well and his friend kept telling me I was pregnant and finally after a while and getting tired of hearing about me being pregnant I told par and his friend to go get a pregnancy test and I would take it to shut his friend up so he would leave me alone about being pregnant. So I grab the damn test and march off to the bathroom and tell myself you can do this just pee on the stick on that little plus sign will NOT appear. So I pee whatever and I walk out of the bathroom and the BF goes in and picks it up and has this huge smile on his face and he starts laughing and Im like this isnt funny what are you laughing about and he turns to me with this smile and says "BABY YOUR PREGNANT!!"!!! I was soooo not believing it that they went to the store and bought 3 more test for me to take again and yep all 3 of those came out POSITIVE!!



Excited, scared, worried yes to all three!! See I have two kids already, Kaylan will be 13 and Bradley will be 8 and then add a new born later on this year!! Whew thats alot to take in!!

All in all we are all excited and just pray to GOD that we have a healthy baby!!

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